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50 Live Aquarium Aquatic, Tropical Fish tank Plants, Live plants, Fresh, Cold water
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50 Loose aquatic plants including: stems and crown plants
Includes at least 5 easy to grow and undemanding species
Box contains planting guide and care instructions
None Shrimp safe
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This is a collection of loose aquatic plants suitable for most freshwater (tropical or cold water) aquariums. To grow and thrive aquatic plants require: lots of intense light for around 10 hours a day, every day, a fine, rich (e.g. dirty) substrate, and dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2). Fish waste is a good fertiliser and the fish and filter bacteria will naturally produce plenty of CO2. To get the best results with live plants you will want to make sure you don't remove this dissolved CO2 with aeration, and you may wish to supplement it, although this is not necessary it will boost the rate of growth. These plants will thrive in aquariums with, or without supplementary CO2. Plenty of plants for a 50 to 120 litre aquarium. PLEASE NOTE: 1. All live aquatic plants imported in to the EU are treated with pesticides which are non-toxic to fish and humans, but can kill shrimps. When buying plants for shrimp tanks it is STRONGLY recommended to rinse and soak them very well, even then introduction is at your own risk. 2. Some fish species like to eat plants, mostly (but, not limited to) Plecos and Goldfish, we are not responsible for your fish eating the plants. 3. Collection includes stem plant 'cuttings' these are not 'cheap alternatives' this is how these plants transport and transplant best, please see guide for more information. 4. These plants are NOT bunched and contain no weights, these are NOT necessary (the plants don't have them in the wild) and usually cause more harm than good in the long run. 5. Delivery is arranged as best suits the plants, which may mean posting takes a day, or two, and uses cardboard packaging that fits through most UK letterboxes. So long as they aren't actually frozen, or overheated, the plants can survive for a week in their packaging. Too cool is better than too hot.

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